Waiting for Justice


Discover the striking and thought-provoking work of art titled “Waiting for Justice,” created by a talented artist in 2022. This acrylic, marker, and watercolor piece is a stunning example of how art can be used to convey a powerful message.

Measuring at 30cm in height and 40cm in width, this work of art demands attention with its striking use of color and technique. Using traditional pigments mixed with synthetic resins, acrylic is a medium that allows for vibrant and long-lasting colors. The artist also employs markers, drawing with a large felt tip that adds a bold and graphic quality to the piece.

Watercolor is a unique medium that requires skill and patience to master, yet it is precisely these qualities that give it a charm and beauty that is unparalleled. The use of watercolor in “Waiting for Justice” allows the artist to express emotions and feelings in a luminous and dreamlike way.

Drawing is the foundation of all art, and the technique used in this work is a testament to the artist’s skill and mastery. The ability to represent objects and figures with precision and clarity is a talent that is honed through years of practice and dedication.

“Waiting for Justice” is a piece that speaks to the heart of current societal issues, inviting the viewer to reflect on the importance of justice and equality. It is a work of art that not only impresses with its technical skill, but also resonates with its message and purpose.

Whether you are an art collector or simply looking for a striking piece to add to your home, “Waiting for Justice” is a must-see work of art that is sure to leave a lasting impression. So don’t wait, discover this powerful and moving piece today.

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Hand-painted, handmade work of art, signed.

No print available.

Title: Waiting for Justice, 2022

Size: Height 30cm, Width 40cm

The colors of the drawing may vary from monitor to monitor.

The drawing will be shipped in 5-7 business days after receiving your payment.

Paint using traditional pigments mixed with synthetic resins.

Drawing made using a large felt with its own ink source. The ink may or may not be indelible.
Watercolor is a painting in which gum arabic binds transparent pigments revealing the support of the painting. The gouache, of identical composition, is opaque. A watercolor is a water-based painting on paper. We rarely speak of a painting for a work painted in watercolor. Watercolor paintings are considered to be a unique way to creatively represent dreams, illusions, emotions and luminous feelings using water soluble pigments. However, painting with watercolors can be difficult. It’s a difficult medium to master, in large part because it can be ruthless and unpredictable. Mistakes are difficult to correct and its fluid nature makes it difficult to control. Yet it is these very qualities that give the medium its undeniable charm.

Technic Drawing
Drawing is a technique of visual representation on a flat support. The term “drawing” designates both the action of drawing, the resulting graphic work, and the shape of any object. It is also a representation on a surface of the shape (and possibly the light and shadow values) of an object or figure, rather than their color. There are a large number of drawing techniques: “Linear drawing” represents objects by their outlines, edges and some characteristic lines; beyond this limit, the drawing develops by representing the volume by shadows, often by means of hatching, incorporates colors, and joins, without clear transition, the painting.

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