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“Forget Me Not” is a mixed media tour de force, a drawing that radiates the profound and enduring legacy of Lady Diana. Centered amidst a riot of hues, Diana’s likeness is captured with a haunting intimacy, her gaze a silent echo of her compassionate spirit. The artist’s hand has deftly drawn her features on handmade paper, a medium whose texture lends a tactile depth to her portrayal, bringing forth a sense of Diana’s approachable and gentle nature.

The surrounding flora, Diana’s cherished ‘Forget Me Nots,’ are a mosaic of blues and greens, each petal a separate piece of paper, colored with painstaking precision and then meticulously glued to create a cohesive field that seems to breathe with life. These flowers, a canvas of remembrance, are not just a backdrop but a dynamic and organic halo, symbolizing the enduring love and memory that Diana has left in the hearts of many.

In this drawing, the medium itself becomes a metaphor for Diana’s own life—handmade paper representing her textured and nuanced existence, and the collage technique mirroring her multifaceted roles as a royal, a philanthropist, a fashion icon, and a mother. The vibrant colors speak to her public persona—vivid and observed by all—while the intricate details of the collage invite a closer look, a nudge to acknowledge the private complexities of her personal journey.

The overall effect of the drawing is one of contemplative beauty; it is a testament to the artist’s skill and a profound reflection on the subject herself. “Forget Me Not” is not only a visual celebration of Lady Diana but also a tangible manifestation of memory, crafted with a reverence that resonates with the timeless nature of her spirit.

Dimensions: 50×70 cm


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