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Don’t you miss the old times when everything was safe?

I do. I miss the time I used to visit New York at least twice a year for my art and fashion courses, when I used to take longs walks everywhere without even worry about the time or about the weather.

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Well, now we all must take care of ourselves and try to value the time we have at home.

So, next I have plans for new collages, I am leaving below some images with WIP stuff. I don’t know how is going to look like in the end, because every time is a surprise for me too.

For that I use Faber Castle water pencils that are amazing: brilliant colors and textures.

The second part of my next plans also include some new paintings that I am working on write now. For those I use 100% cotton canvas and acrylics, oil and acrylic pencils. I like to play  and mix all up and the final result is amazing.

 And each of my painting has a story, so stay with me.

I am leaving some images of my WIP paintings:

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